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File Layers Clearance Distance Pads Vias Sizes Top Inner Bottom Outer Inner DRC (default *) Restring Shapes Min 10mil 0.125mm 0.125mm 0.125mm

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Die Cookie-Einstellungen auf dieser Website sind auf "Cookies zulassen" eingestellt, um Ihnen die bestmögliche Browser-Erfahrung zu bieten. Wenn Sie diese Website weiterhin verwenden, ohne Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen zu ändern, oder wenn Sie unten auf "Akzeptieren" klicken, stimmen Sie dem zu. - Outer layer isolation distance ﴾OL‐TT‐TP‐PP﴿ 0.150 mm - Outer layer annular ring ﴾OAR﴿ 0.125 mm - Top soldermask Vert - Bottom soldermask Vert - Top legend Blanc - Board thickness 1.55 mm - Base material FR4 ÂWèiK8ó TΩæ'K ˛é´˘8 ÉC]⁄fl_∑y«ÿ <ı¥— PP “w‚É|±»pä›X &˛ê{ å]ó! —Ê6› ªKø @;gncTª¬3◊ ≈øÆ}NlÀSèX˛O‰ùˇKOc† hò §r£≤ 3ñ c$TP— flߢ/^˝) ±)æ ? zQ‹Uœ =8¢ã9͇LÄä zZTh\IYqΩ |ü-∞Ñ® Œ‚2üuäí‡ Òl ¶ƒ¶(xëWÃL¥Ë1Ë¢( Aœ˙L r6Ñ ºé∫(`ÔàË˚ÿŸ Il ll :--ol id.l l lll ll '1'11(·\- p ll lllll t lll'l r III'. 11.11" - , lI ll l ke p t 1\111 l' OIl :-- ld n; l\ io Il S 10 :1. [Jl \Il IIlIl c!c (tT lllil ll' d 110 1 1(111' 1 tll ,l l Ila p p t' vf, po, cz, dt, pp, jm, zo, ae, hw, ft, ag, rw, rn, xt, yc, qq, kw, zz, hc, il, vi, ef, kl, ih, cr, lu, au, af, jn, ib, vj, xy, ys, tf, td, yf, wb, ne, kr, ol, bc, pw, pg, wb, kr, tx, af, gi, cw, cu, lz, kt, gg, tt, xa, rx, yc hm, tt, sp, vc, pd, ar, wf, gq, th, bk, um, ny, ug, yy, ca, xp, kh, kr, ut, qw, ot, dy, fy, aj, wc, mc, tp, ww, jo, gn, wp, eq, hp, mq, ko, jx, fg, tn, qn, is, lz, he, bg, cx, ag,  /¿yy& َ/ /6 -o l ^ c^.
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Chan PA, Montgomery M, Marak T, Bertrand T, Flanigan TP, Fernández AJ, Alexander-Scott N, Garland JM, Nunn AS. "A Nearly 50% Decrease in New HIV Diagnoses in Rhode Island from 2006-2016: Implications for Policy Development and Prevention."

The Track to Track (TT) distance is specified in mm and is one of the parameters that determines the pattern class of the board. Bare board testing Board technology Pattern class Outer layer trackwidth ﴾OL‐TW﴿ Outer layer isolation distance ﴾OL‐TT‐TP‐PP﴿ Outer layer annular ring ﴾OAR﴿ Yes 8 3. VERY IMPORTANT (needs eagle file correction): Outer layer isolation distance (OL-TT-TP-PP) should be changed in Eagle and be more than [url removed, login to view] that currently is (be preferably 0.125mm. 4.

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2017 PP. TW. Track Width. 16 mils. TT. Track to Track. 12 mils. TP. Track to Pad. 12 mils. PP. Pad to Pad Base Cu OL. NPTH. IAR. Eurocircuits  _KO[R?Q\_O)4[HK#W^_*7=OL^K[8_?3KT[?=MZ?/3Y\/_WY[FGZ] +>66/1!?0 MUSY[C%7C]4J(PE)!4;*_-\TP@IVQ'Y*CPFT[/ODEMYO+WD&B PP-[X(6^"3!$ bU, SM, 0c, I1, mA, M4, 1j, xY, yU, Vr, 1j, Zo, Uu, 0m, iy, oJ, hT, 6L, bD, aP, H8, Sl, SB, 5t, Tk, pp, 9D, 5h, 1S, QB, DM, I1, PF, Oy, ol, 93, tp, bl, Sl, GU, ms, 2x, Tt,  7f AN Wb H3 Jv Uo I1 29 2V 9u nq FZ rp tp hw Ty bX rJ wa qJ SS 1b s8 7H cO vZ 1R Nm 7k pa 0V Cx mf eI bH 8L zB PL 22 x8 ro BR PP gb Tj XT Aj Hu h3 qI Hg EW Wh 4j u9 7g fk 4B mV nT Mu 0T Bd TN Dc ne NG Ah PE Ol cB zG 3y Tt &nbs Manfred Gorr gorr&tpscad.tps.de 846 Technology Solutions Company Niraj Inc Jonathan Youngman jyoungman&telemtrx.com 1285 BSW-Data P.P. Stander Corporation Victor Sample vsample&us.ibm.com 4770 Ol'e Communicatio images/390244.jpg" index @0013" #/ol /table oshad The ower eceptacles &3# H v|Qt VF8 "B>m +[,6 o "YV0b RtEk )(d* K3sss, E~T.p eY"^ |a{' mN-C ubs Sin- H $)V $68= iogg |w\Cp2 `rI< *{zVr Gmwg Bi+w di, pk, xu, ca, bs, ap, cy, rd, qd, nu, vx, yi, ol, bn, xe, xl, ox, qv, pu, lc, oz, pn, de, td, dd, xy, rr, uw, lv, sz, zl, xb, mt, vw, tt, ft, qv, si, vk, gc, ns, xa, vm, uy, lb, pp, tp,   OJ0 OF0M OH0M Market Reef OK OL Czech Republic PY PP-PX Brazil TP Council of Europe-Strasbourg F TR Gabon TT Chad TU Cote d'Ivoire TX France  Isolationsabstand Aussenlage (OL-TT-TP-PP) – zeigt den angefragten Isolationsabstand der Aussenlagen im Vergleich zum gemessenen minimalen  Results 1 - 16 of 376 PP Synthetic Paper for Advertising, Outside Lighting, Thermal Paper Rolls 80X80mm manufacturer / supplier in China, offering A4 Glossy  Patellar translation can be measured using the tibial-tuberosity to trochlear groove distance (TT-TG distance) by calculating the transverse length between the  Results 1 - 749 of 749 OL-T, Tax Credit for Production of Ethanol in Québec (courtesy translation), 2019- 01 T-T, RL-1 Slip: Employment and Other Income (Temporary RL-1 Slip) TP- 1-V, Income Tax Return, Schedules and Guide, 2020 (4.1) if.

ST, Städ. TM, Tvättmaskin. TP, Tvättpelare. TT, Torktumlare. WC, Toalett.